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Get discounted rates by using:

  • Western Union / Moneygram. Please contact us for exact instructions

  • Cash. You can always send cash to our mailbox in CANADA. however please note that you should always use a traceable shipping service (with tracking number) AND understand that we accept **no responsability** should your package and money be stolen. This has never happened so far but there are dishonest people everywhere. Our mailing address is here.

    How much to send :

    When buying Cash or thru Western Union / Moneygram you pay as low as:

    $1.00 USD/minute for CHAT services
    $1.20 USD/minute for PSYCHIC services

    Just send any amount over $100 and we will credit your account accordingly. Please send us an email to let us know how much you are sending and which service you want to use.

Regular rates:

  • Gift Cards / Prepaid Cards issued by VISA and MASTERCARD. Please REGISTER the card before using it. Instructions are always printed on the card package. You can register it under any name you like, should you wish to remain totally anonymous. Once your card is registered, you can use it as a normal credit card.

  • Check / Money Order - Please keep in mind that we will have to wait until the check has been cashed before you see your account credited. This can take up to 30 days! Write your check / Money Order to 404 50 76 CANADA INC and send it to our mailing address in CANADA. Also please send us an email so we will know to look for your package.

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