Frequently Asked Questions

Q - If I buy TelePass minutes online, how long will I have to wait to use it?

A - Your minutes will be credited in your account immediately after your purchase.

Q - Why do I get the message 'We're sorry, we cannot accept calls from your phone number' when I call the service?

A - This is most probably because your phone number is blocked.  Our system does not accept calls from blocked numbers for security and fraud prevention reasons.  Please un-block your number and call again.  If you do not know how to un-block your phone number, please call your telephone company.

If your phone number is un-blocked and you are still getting this message, it may be because there has been a charge-back on a transaction associated with your phone number.  Please discuss this with our Customer Support team.

Q - What is an Account Number?

A - You will be assigned with your own Account Number at your first purchase with TelePASS.  Your Account Number will be the last 10 Digits of your phone number.

  • Example (USA & Canada)
    If your phone number is (666) 111 3333
    your Account Number will be: 6661113333

  • Example (UK)
    If your phone number is is (020) 1111 3333
    your Account Number will be: 2011113333

Q - What is a PIN Code?

A - At your first purchase with TelePASS, you will be asked to choose a 4-Digit PIN Code. This secret code will be required by the system every time you will call our services and for any new purchase.  Please do NOT share your PIN Code or make it available to anyone else.

Q - Will TelePass call my phone number?

A - No.  We value your privacy and will never call the clients who pay for the services they get from us.  However, if calls have been made to our service but charges denied on the credit card (charge-backs) or on the phone bill, we will call the phone number used to call our service and the cardholder for collection purposes.

Q - Why do you ask my email address?

A - We prefer to use your email address to contact you in case there is a problem with a transaction, to send you transaction receipts as well as account number and PIN Code reminders (when you ask for it).  Some clients write a fake email address because they have privacy concerns or by fear of getting unsollicited emails (spam) from us. We simply do not send advertising or other unsollicited messages to your email address.  Please provide us with a valid email address, this will make things easier for you and for us.

Q - How does TelePASS Work?

A - Click here for the answer

Q - Who do I contact for questions?

A - Click here for our Contact Information

Q - What is your Refund Policy?

A - Click here for the answer

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